Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Patriot

Nikon D7000, 72mm (28-200), 1/640, f/6.3, ISO 200, cropped

First rule of late season visits to Worlds of Fun: leave well before Haunt gets underway. None of the photos I tried to take after dark worked out. However, I did have some fun earlier in the day.

The first ride my group went on was The Patriot, one of the park’s many roller coasters. I managed to find a spot that gave me a couple of good angles. The shot above proved to be a good example of how to imply movement in a “frozen motion” shot via body angles. You can tell that the coaster is moving with some speed because otherwise the seats couldn’t be at that angle.

The other way to convey motion is through blur. I propped the camera on a fence so I could slow the shutter down enough to blur the moving coaster here:

Nikon D3000, 10.5mm, 1/10, f/22, ISO 100, adjusted

Then I decided to have a little fun with it. I shot a series of pictures with the coaster at several spots along the track. Then I used layers in Photoshop to combine them all into one picture that shows the whole sequence.

Nikon D3000, 10.5mm, 1/125, f/10, ISO 100, edited